What happens in Vegas?

The answer is, the Nomads are gettin’ hitched!

We’ve been on the road for a while and are ready to relax and enjoy Las Vegas for a while. Since we arrived a day ahead of schedule we stayed at the Luxor for a night. You know it.. The Pyramid hotel with the Sky Beam and Chris Angel?  We enjoyed the break and a great sushi dinner.


I had not been to Vegas before so Matthew wanted to give we the full experience as we prepare for the big day.  We moved down the strip to the Venetian Palazzo. This hotel is immense! We got lost trying to find our suite. We had to pass through the indoor mall made to look like the outdoor streets of Venice. The ceiling is painted to look like night sky in one section and daytime on the other as singing gondoliers row through the Grand Canal.

Dinner and a show under the Venetian night sky.

Singing gondoliers rowing through the canal.

 And our room? Well it was more like a small apartment. We have stayed in so many different types of hotels, hostels and B&B’s… this was a bit overwhelming. Why is there a phone in the toilet and why do we have 2 bathrooms?

Jaquizi bath and 5 head shower, ahhhh.

On the Strip there is plenty to see and do for the young, old and in between. It’s like Disney world for Adults and Vegas will do everything they can to make sure you leave with empty pockets. There are a large variety of street performers from Toy Story to Pee Wee Herman. You can visit New York, Paris and Italy in just one afternoon.

Transformers hanging out.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Bubba Gump seemed like an appropriate stop for us. 
At the Stratosphere we were shot into the Vegas sky at 45 miles an hour to a height of 1,081 feet above the strip on the Big Shot. Then we were crazy enough to ride Insanity where they dangle you over the side of the tower and spin you at 3 G’s over 900 feet from the ground. So much fun and a beautiful view!

So, thinking about getting married in Vegas?  It’s easy and a lot of people do it and lucky for us you can arrange for most of it online. We applied for a marriage license through the Clark County website and all we had to do is show up and get our paperwork,  They didn’t even ask if we were related like they do back home.

You can take care of your fictitious firm name filings too.

For our night before the big day celebration we went to see  Zumanity and enjoyed a nice dinner by the Canal.

Vegas has a lot of landmarks but probably the most recognized is the Welcome to Vegas sign. It is so popular that they have 24 hour live webcams. We made arrangements to get married at the sign by Elvis. Because Vegas Baby!  There are a lot of options for where and how to get married here and we went with a great company called the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon.  They will meet you at your choice of location, provide a officiant, witness, and photographer for a very reasonable price. 
Once Elvis arrived we were ready to got hitched!  He sang “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” as he gave me away.
Enjoy the best photos of our special day!

After our ceremony and photos Elvis gave us a ride back to our hotel. Really, how many people can say that?!

It’s a rental, his cherry red Mustang was in the shop.

And once again we head to a tattoo parlor to commemorate this milestone in our lives. We found a couple of great artist at Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas.

My artist is Carrie and she did an great job designing a compass rose for me. Such a cool and talented young lady.

Mathew’s artist is Nicco.

This is what Matthew looks like when he is trying not to cry from pain.

Viva Las Vegas!


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