What Does San Diego Mean?

On August 14, 1945 photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt  took a picture of a sailor mouth raping kissing a nurse in Times Square NYC as people celebrated the unconditional surrender of Japan also known as V-J Day. The photo is iconic, controversial and made into a 25 foot tall sculpture in Tuna Harbor Park, in San Diego, California. 

The controversy of the photo is in the identity of the sailor and the nurse. Several men have come forward to claim they are the sailor but no conformations. A woman wrote the photographer claiming to be the nurse but because of her height her claim can not be confirmed. Either way the statue is worth seeing if you are in the San Diego area.

My, what big shoes you have

There is also a touching tribute to Bob Hope at the Tuna Harbor Park. Hope preformed 57 tours for the USO during his career.

and then we visited the San Diego Zoo!

We took the Skyfari because walking is hard. 

View from the Skyfari.

He reminds me of someone…

They have adult beverages!

It’s nap time for the Koalas.

The giraffes were waiting to be fed and one guy wanted to be first in line so he bit his friends. It was an effective method.

I will nom on you until you move!

Victory! First in line!
This is also an effective method.
That’s it for our time in San Diego aka the Whales Vagina.


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