Vamonos Nomads!

A couple months ago we took the Alaska Highway Ferry and now we have take the Baja Ferry from La Paz to the mainland of Mexico.  We really did not know what to expect. The room was big, air conditioned and the hot water worked a little too well. They served “food” for our evening meal that is the Mexican equivalent to Oliver Twist gruel but it’s food and who are we to complain. 

Along the way down the west coast of Mexico we passed through many small towns.  We love the raw experience of seeing the daily life of the locals as we pass through.

Look at that ass!

Lunch time in San Blas

Freshly grilled corn!

In case you didn’t know Mexico and Central America do not have modern plumbing. If you visit here you can not flush toilet paper because the pipes can not handle it, there is always a little trash can next to the toilet for your dirty toilet paper. Seems gross but you get used to it. Also, you can not drink the tap water but do not fear, you can buy bottled water everywhere.

Pro tip: baby wipes, just keep it with you when you travel. You never know when you might need them. (Not all bathrooms have Toilet Paper… or a Toilet Seat even, and I can not explain this.)

Working on the utilities.
Laundry day at this casa.

Comedor (restaurant) in a small town


Hey, that’s my name. (My name is not Bano.)

One of our favorite stops down the west coast was Punta de Mita.  It’s a small surf community close to Puerto Vallarta. We had 2 of the most amazing meals we have had so far at Si Senior.  Here is the catch of the day!  Tuna, blue shrimp, lobster and more. They even had names.

Pro tip: order seafood Al Ajillo. We have ordered pescado (fish) and pamarons (shrimp) al ajillo (a-hiyo) all over Mexico and every time it is delicious!

I will have Juan skewered and drizzled with olive oil, por favor.

This made my day.

Meow! We have a little beggar at our table.

So let’s talk about touts.  Touts are the people who solicit you with goods and services as you walk around or sitting at dinner.  This includes clothes, jewelry, toys, food and of course live entertainment. As Americans it can be annoying to be ‘pestered’ by a lady selling necklaces while you are trying to have dinner but there is another side to the story. This may be the only income for the family to survive. They are offering a good or service for pesos and not just a hand out. If you are a foreigner and traveling, please treat the touts respectfully.

This young boy sang his little heart out while we had tacos on the beach.  The documentary Living on One Dollar (available online if you look) will help you gain a better understanding of what it is like to live and survive in an impoverished country.

It’s the golden cock, bow to him!!
And our final West Coast stop was Puerto Vallarta. This is another one of those cities tourist flock too, however we are here during the off season so it was not as crowded. 
Marilyn has let herself go a little.

Stretch! Malecon sculpture.

The Redneck Sombrero… Still confused.

And finally, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Esponja Bob Pantalones Cuadrados!!

Up next TEQUILA!!!


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