Suddenly MEXICO!

Even though we have been through Canada twice during this trip we really don’t feel like we have ventured out of the good ole USA until now.
As soon as we crossed the border into Tecate, MX  we were immediately overwhelmed by the chaos that is Mexico. The combination of the road conditions, the crazy drivers, everything is in Spanish, Mariachi bands everywhere and the sometimes untrustworthy food had us feeling homesick right away. Oh, and it’s also VERY LOUD!
Benny, our mascot, will now be refereed to as Benicio! He’s acclimating better than us.

On the bright side Mexico is cheap. Our first room at a small resort just south of Tijuana was only $40 USD with an ocean view. You can live well on less than $100 a day here.

The diet here consist of lots of deep fried foods and every meal comes with chips and salsa and warm tortillas, even breakfast. (I think they even use them for napkins.)

Bring me a wheelbarrow for meh belly!

Our first full day in Mexico we hit on of those tourist places where you can buy handmade goods from the locals.

And the mariachi’s provide loud live music at your table so you don’t have to have that awkward conversation with your loved ones. It’s best to avoid eye contact with them.

Seeking their next victim.

You can also buy bajas in the Baja.

Awww, he’s wearing a hat!

We decided to ride down the Baja to La Paz to take a ferry to the mainland. We really don’t know what to expect from the terrain but our first day of riding took us along the coastal route that reminded us of California Highway 1.

Well done Mexico.

Random street art makes every ride interesting.

The little mosques (?) are the equivalent of roadside crosses. They can get pretty elaborate.

Mmmm that is a tasty burger.

It is the rainy season here and the road conditions change suddenly. As we headed down Baja California Norte (North) We ran across some flooded roads and construction.  At this spot the road was a small river so I hitched a ride across in the back of a local’s truck and Matthew road the bike through.

Never a dull moment.

Up next we head into the “Gas Gap” and into Baja California Sur (south)


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