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Meet the Tribe

Meet the Tribe - Who we are
Who are we?

Same Tribe Different Vibe.

We are all part of the same Tribe.

I am a human, you are human. We have different ways of talking, different tastes in food, beverages, music and beliefs. We have different thoughts on the world, however we are all part of the same Human Tribe, we all simply vibrate differently and each in our own way.

You vibrate differently than anyone else on this planet.

However, there is more in us that is the SAME than DIFFERENT.

This is our family’s adventure trip that started as my personal mission to explore the world via land and sea. The vision transformed when I was reunited with Carmen more than 20 years after being high school sweethearts. Now with a family by my side, my vision has changed into learning how to survive raising a son with autism, and then learning how to thrive in this world as a family and how to grow together.

The vision changed once again when Carmen and I, taking similar but separate spiritual journeys, Woke Up. Now we desire to share why this is the most important message that you need to hear, how it is possible for all humans to reach their own personal enlightenment in this lifetime and encourage anyone who is on this path. The next step might be the one that helps you reach your personal mountain top.

You have found our family’s personal Adventure with Autism and Adventure travel blog. I sometimes feature an Airstream that I tinker with and attempt to make into some sort of off-road adventure… thing. My family and I follow a very healthy lifestyle which involves cooking and eating cleanly, no sugar, keto style diet and paleo diet, daily Ashtanga yoga, kettlebells often, running, meditation, etc.. and with all of that, we are also traveling around the world in an old trailer and raising kids.


We are perfectly imperfect and working on ourselves daily. The adventure is the journey, not the destination.

We left the United States in the fall of 2018 and are currently traveling South over land on the America continents. We are heading towards Patagonia with our crazy unique classic Airstream, a rabbit and 2 teenagers, our autistic son Elijah and our full of life daughter Addy.

In short, we are an Adventure seeking family traveling the world and living a healthy life that proves that you can have a child with autism and still live a life of Adventure because, Adventure is for ALL and Autism is NOT house arrest.

That is our vibration, what is yours?

Our eclectic family is made of 4 distinct personalities and life experiences. We are bonded by our love for new experiences and the incredible journey we have had so far.

We are full time travelers but that is only part of the story. We decided that a so called normal life was just not for us. In pursuit of health, mindfulness and adventure we set out on the road in a vintage Airstream we affectionately call EVA. We travel slow to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in local cultures and explore beyond the typical tourist attractions. EVA enables us to live mostly off grid with all the comforts of home and a sanity saving minimalist style. Our living room is the great outdoors and our driveway is wherever we desire, we can make anywhere home in a moment.

On any given day our tribe can be found zip lining, hiking, exploring a local market or just simply having a lazy day in the trailer. Our home is an ever changing perspective of the world. From the mountains to the sea and forest in between, the neighborhood changes while we enjoy home cooked meals and comfortable beds.

Our tribes mission is to inspire others and to grow as individuals and a family. Adventure is for all! The difficulties that come with travel have made us more resilient and compassionate.

You can read more about us and get to know us on our blog. Subscribing to our email list will yield even more stories and exciting adventures not shown to the rest of the world.

“We want to provide traveling inspiration and share ideas with people so that everyone can embrace their own undiscovered center and learn how to live a personal adventure and grow as a family.”


Meet the Tribe - Who we are

In the Spring of 2016 we found our EVA. She was parked in a backyard in Jasper, Alabama withering away and mostly abandoned. After traveling through several states looking for our Expedition Vehicle for Adventure (aka EVA) we found her, our EVA and gave her a new life. She was, after all, built for Adventure.

EVA is a 1966 Airstream Overlander, a classic and as american as apple pie. She stands out in a crowd. When we found her she was dated and worn. The interior didn’t suit our needs and she needed some much needed tender loving care and lots of DEMOLITION!

We gutted and stripped her down to the bones. We started with the structural issues first such as replacing the rotten floors and putting in new plumbing and electrical. Our family desired a home we could feel comfortable and safe in. I designed her to comfortably house the Rock Stars, Matthew and Carmen, and the roadies, Elijah and Addy. Our desire to live as off grid and ecologically conscience as possible led us to upgrades that leave less of a footprint on the world as we journey through.

EVA is a customized classic. From the outside she looks like a retro relic but on the inside she is a cozy gypsy caravan, complete with a gourmet kitchen and an eco friendly retreat. She is geared up with solar panels, water storage and composting toilet so that we can travel without the dependency on RV parks and full hook-ups.

With lots of literal blood, sweat, tears, and even a few nervous breakdowns she is finally almost, maybe close to being, done. We have been renovating from the road and that is not a task that we can recommend for your own sanity. It has been a labor of love to take her from slowly rotting in a backyard to being the Expedition ready badass that she is today. Wherever we are we are always home.

In reality EVA may not always be our means for travel. Our intention is to get her to Argentina where she can be a guest house outside our dream house. We will continue to upgrade, patch and repair her. As with any home it’s always something, right?

EVA has taught us that you can live with less. There is so much more to life than collecting things. We collect memories with EVA, our rolling home.

If you are interested in Airstreams and/or upgrading your RV to be more eco friendly and minimal lifestyle please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s see how the old gal handles Central and South America!


I am a seasoned world traveler and have visited 6 continents and over 60 different countries. I ride motorcycles, a lot. I have crossed 13 countries via two wheels including coast to coast crossings of Australia, Italy, France, Vietnam, Ireland, and the North American continent from Florida to Alaska to Panama and back. Twice.

On my 2nd long distance adventure ride across North America I proposed to and married the one woman that could change my mind about women, my high-school sweetheart Carmen, and on our return home, we began raising her children as if they were my own.

In my spare time, I enjoy rehabbing old houses and most recently can be found living out of the classic 1966 Airstream that Carmen and I have gutted and rebuilt from the ground up in order to live completely off-grid and travel the world.

Born in the USA, but I have declared myself nomadic and am attempting to become a world citizen, leave as small of a footprint as possible, and improve and expand lives and minds whenever I have an opportunity.

I have lived in warzones, slept on the streets in Peru, eaten live squid in Japan, and given a perfectly good motorcycle away in Vietnam. I have made a fortune, and lost it, made another, lost it.

Life, I mean really living life.. not just for pretend.. Is worth the experience.
Money is only stored energy.

I am awake.

Matthew has a quick irreverent sense of humor and infectiously captivating energy. He faces his fears with a “Leroy Jenkins” all or nothing enthusiasm. He has overcome extreme manic depression and over 13 years of antidepressant use by developing a daily recovery protocol and using mindfulness techniques.



I am a healer, a traveler, a wife, a mother and an all around pretty cool person. I am passionate about learning how the body and mind function in part and together. I practice what I speak by following a diet that is kind to my body and doing yoga daily with meditation and strength training. My particular strengths are learning about and implementing ways for myself and my family to be better in our daily lives with natural treatments and a clean diet.

I am not a doctor. I am not a therapist. I am not a lawyer.
I am a teacher.
I am also really good at being a doctor, lawyer, and therapist when needed.

I have been a mother for 19 years and have spent more time than anyone working on healing my son’s autism and comorbid conditions. For years I have been mentoring families and educating myself and others on what works for that person and how to survive and thrive while raising a child with autism. I desire to serve the community and give back because much was given to me.

I love to travel and I am passionate about living a life less ordinary. I do not sit still and wait for a someday adventure. I will live all my days as if each one was my last. I have survived adventure after adventure in autism, divorce, new love, cross country motorcycle trips and now in RV life. I travel full time as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to be a gypsy. I am married to the love of my life and the man of my dreams.

Several years ago, Matthew came back into my life and swept me off my feet. Together we are unstoppable In the last 5 years we have traveled by motorbike from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Panama. Today we have been over 2 years on the road in the US and Mexico in a vintage 1966 airstream with all of our belongings and two growing teenagers! Every day we work to keep each other strong and centered so we can be the best versions of ourselves.

My hobbies are really just what I do in everyday life so I am very fortunate to have my life being my dreams come true. While traveling I love to try new foods and the local libations while exploring markets and historical sites. I would rather be outdoors, hiking in the mountains or listening to music in the sunshine. I enjoy taking care of my body and learning all the nerdy science stuff about how it functions. I enjoy renovating houses and now working on this Airstream and putting my creative juices into feathering our travel nest.

My bucket list and personal goals are to visit all the continents, scuba dive, volcano surf, become a polyglot, sail around the world, and learn to play an instrument (just to name a few.) I believe that slowing down is detrimental to human well being and longevity.

I am awake.

Carmen is the smartest person that I know. Her ability to keep a constant zen attitude amidst shit smeared walls and screaming children enthralled me as an adult. I wanted that calm, I needed that zen in my life. I am learning more and more from her every day and I am thrilled to have her as my partner in this adventure.



Elijah was a typically developing baby boy until 18 months when he began a rapid regression into Autism. He became a ghost among us with no words, eye contact or reactions of any kind. I, Carmen, dove head first into learning everything that I could about how to treat his autism and comorbid illnesses. He suffered for many years before several years of dietary intervention and specialized care he became the bright and loving 15 year old he is now. While Elijah is still affected by autism he has, however, come a very long way and continues to progress daily.

Elijah is no longer held back by his diagnosis. He is a thrill seeker and enjoys adrenaline activities like roller coasters, zip lines and motorcycles! You will often see him dancing like no one is watching while listening to his favorite bands or whatever moves him in the moment. Just a few years ago he required noise canceling headphones to go to the grocery store and today he is dancing in Mexico squares to Mariachi bands. Before Elijah would only eat a few yellow dry bland foods, today he eats whatever dish is put in front of him. He is able to embrace the chaos of everyday life and is no longer stuck in his own mind because of specialized treatments and lots of patience and perseverance.

More awake than you or I could ever be, there is only one Elijah and we all live in this little Buddha’s world. He is real, raw, and emotional, ever present in the eternal ‘Now’. While autism limits his normal verbal communication, Elijah and Matthew have together developed a shorthand way of communicating that has opened him up and helped Elijah to find his voice.

It is, however, not always sunshine and rainbows for Elijah and the rest of the family. Because of his limited verbal abilities he will have outburst out of frustration or disappointment. He wants to sit on YouTube and eat what he wants all day and like any other teenage boy he has rebellious streaks. Through calming techniques like yogic breathing his family is able to calm him and teach him how to better handle life’s stresses. Exposure to the world has been key to helping him learn to handle everyday life.

Elijah will make you smile and inspire you to be adventurous no matter what your limitations are. His sweet and loving vibe wins the hearts of everyone who has the chance to get to know him. He is adorable, confident in ways you will be jealous of.

Elijah is proof that autism is not house arrest and Adventure is for ALL. Keep an eye on this kid, he’s going places!

Elijah was never asleep.


Addy is my 14 year old ball of sunshine and energy who is affectionately called the “Little Big Sister” due to her kindness to others and love for her big little brother Elijah. When you first meet her you will have made an instant best friend who is loyal like a puppy.

Her empathetic heart gives us all a different view of the world during our travels. She is the first to see the good in every situation. Having a big brother affected with autism has taught Addy to appreciate her advantages in life.

She loves to sing and dance while doing dishes and has an angelic voice. Her hobbies are all things artistic; drawing, painting, singing, dancing, acting and playing her Ukulele. Addy dreams of living in London someday and pursuing a career in acting.

As Matthew’s little sous chef Addy is eager to learn to make delicious and exotic dishes. She also enjoys baking and since the family is very health conscious Addy has the opportunity and challenge to learn to make delicious and healthy treats for all to enjoy.

Travel has taught her that you can step out of your comfort zone and lead a more interesting life. Taking on new adventures has made her a more focused and brave young lady. Addy is constantly curious and never afraid to ask questions. As we travel we give her opportunities to face her fears and explore her strengths. The opportunities and field trips as a roadschooling student are other peoples bucket list items!

Addy, unlike many of her friends, is not glued to her devices with 24 hour access to social media. Travel keeps us connected to each other more. The limited amount of time she is able to go online she uses more wisely now that she can appreciate it but she does enjoy looking at memes and keeping in touch with friends.

Still unsure of herself and searching for the real ‘Addy’ she is slowly waking up. She is wise beyond her years and heading for big things in the future.

Follow Addy on Instagram: @tinny_lemons

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Shadow (Sombra) the Rabbit

Soy un conejo de chinchilla. Vengo de un pequeño pueblo en el estado de Oaxaca, México. Nací en una pequeña granja con una gran familia. Un día fui perseguido y capturado por dos mujeres estadounidenses que hablaban en algún extraño galimatías, ¿tal vez el inglés?

Me llevaron a una casa con una jaula llena de bolitas que me resultaron familiares y un poco de agua. Les dije que no hablo su idioma pero tampoco me entienden por la barrera del idioma. Los humanos me recogen mucho y me acarician incesantemente. Solo me acuesto y actúo como si no estuviera contento con eso, pero eso no funciona. Me siento junto a una ventana y miró afuera.

A veces me meto en el césped, pero me ponen un artilugio que me impide escapar. ¡He visto muchas aves malvadas en el cielo que quieren comerme! Regreso al lugar de los humanos porque está fuera de la vista de la muerte malvada en el cielo. ¡También hay perros que dijeron que querían comerme a mí también! Los humanos los ahuyentaron, lo que es bueno de ellos, supongo.

Ahora vivimos en una cápsula brillante y cada día el exterior se ve diferente. Todavía insisten en acariciarme, pero si saco una zanahoria o una manzana. Un día tuve una pelea cruel con la niña. Ella estaba comiendo una manzana y yo me levanté de un salto y traté de quitársela. No gané.

Me llaman nombres raros como bun-bun, terapia de conejo y sombra. Creo que todos están locos. Si estás leyendo esto, por favor envía ayuda. Estaba bien en el piso de concreto de una habitación sin ventanas y ahora me tratan como a una mascota. Es asqueroso. ¡Son tan cariñosos conmigo! Gracias por tu ayuda.

Sigue mi secuestro en Instagram: @therapy_rabbit

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Our Instagram page has become a shared archive of our family photos and adventures we are having as we travel the Americas.

We are so grateful to our followers and friends around the world and it is our desire to become an inspiration of love and compassion
as we head into the unknown, heads held high and facing our fears.

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Some of our favorite things

The online store features some products that we use and love, branded merchandise that directly supports our travels, and some of our favorite photos available for purchase either as a digital print or as professional wall art delivered directly to your door. These one of a kind photos were taken over a lifetime of adventure travel and feature our unique aperture of the world.

Matthew is available for professional consultation as a life coach on adventure long distance motorcycle travel, overcoming depression, facing your fears, living a healthy lifestyle, and growing into your own enlightenment.

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Carmen is available as a personal lifestyle coach for all things related to raising and traveling with autistic children, surviving the American welfare system, advice for full time travelers and armchair travelers as well as healthy food and nutrition concerns.

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Matthew has traveled around the world multiple times before he reconnected with Carmen, his childhood sweetheart, and after they both explored North America via motorcycle they are now continuing to travel in the Airstream into the great unknown.

Relive some of their individual journeys here and see some of the world through the camera lens and witty commentary.

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