Sand Dunes, Windmills and Flying Saucers

What a difference a day makes. We left Arizona heading towards San Diego. In just one day the terrain and temperatures changed drastically.

First off we rode through the Imperial Sand Dunes where temperatures rose to 108 degrees. Fun fact, that is the temperature when the brain liquefies and you start seeing little green men.  

The sand dunes were a beautiful surprise for us. The miles of smooth golden sand and crisp blue skies made up for the oppressive heat.

Ohhhhh pretty.

Just before we head to higher elevations and cooler temperatures we ride through a wind farm  with wind mills as far as you can see. They are a bit mesmerizing.

Sometimes we pass things that are just bizarre enough to turn around and take pictures of. Case in point, Coyote’s Flying Saucer Retrieval and Repair.

Are these balanced rocks the work of Alien life forms?
Yeah, so that happened. 

Up next, we explore San Diego and the German translation of the city’s name.


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