Randomness in the Yucatan

We have spent a lot of time in Mexico and have learned to appreciate the culture on a deeper level, but we are ending our time here (for now) in the Yucatan Peninsula. We traveled through Uxmal, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Chetumal.  This post is about the random stuff we have come to expect to see south of the border.

Every restaurant has this cocktail. We tried one once just to say we did.. and it’s not for us.  The recipe consist of Clamato (clam and tomato juice), beer, tequila, vodka, lime and chunks of seafood which may include a raw oyster.  It just doesn’t seem like a wining combination to us but who are we to judge.

Eye candy in the ladies restroom. 

This guy was carrying treats in his giant sombrero just in case he passes someone with a hankering for some pastries

This is a Latin American To Go Cup which is just a bag with a straw in it.


The tequila section at the Cancun Walmart

Have you hugged your potato head today?

Holistic herbal remedies for sale outside a Walmart. They sell crushed peyote and other nonsense.

The medical system here can be so bizarre. There is a definite class difference between people who can go to a hospital (both free or pay) and those that just buy powdered oyster shell or whatever because their great-grandmother always did this and that’s just what works.

You can buy fresh fruit from street vendors. This guy is selling lychee which are juicy and delicious but not as common in the US.

Beautiful murals are found throughout Mexico.

Chihuahua hat! I hope this doesn’t become a thing.

It is weird to see so much holiday stuff mingled with the palm trees

They don’t really have mail trucks here, this is a local mail man on his mail bike with satchels on the side..
Girl playing in traditional dress at the Mercado 28 in Cancun
It’s Squidward serving …squid.
Dodging potholes and open manholes on a daily basis.

Day of the Dead decorations on the Hooter roof in Cancun.
This guy had a wheelchair ramp for his motorcycle. 
Our favorite thing about Mexico is the amazing views of the mountains, deserts and of course, the coastal areas.  

Driving down the beach.

Watching the sunset.

There are a LOT of holidays here. While driving out of Tulum we passed a parade just because it’s today!


Karate kids!
Young ladies dancing in traditional dress.

Up next, Entomology in Mexico.


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