Paradise is Sticky.

Mouthwatering seafood,  breathtaking ocean views, brown sugar sand between your toes.. this is paradise and it is oh so STICKY! We traveled along the southwest Pacific Coast coast of Mexico for a while from Ixtapa to Puerto Escondido and a few stops in between. 
Sunset dinner in Acapulco
We basically have the place to ourselves.

Perry!  How do they see to drive?

We do love the way google maps takes us down a main highway that is also a construction site. Apparently the bridge is under construction and the lake bed is low.

Did you know that cock fighting cocks loves Gatorade?  They are athletes after all.

The chickens are just food though.

Live chickens on the bottom and dead ones on the top, notice the feet sticking up.

A common site for us is the small town restaurants. The simplicity of the menu and preparation. You sit down, they tell you what they have which is usually one or two choices and they cook it fresh for you, and always there are warm hand made corn tortillas.  This restaurant had fish and shrimp soup… Warning, Mexico is for the culinary adventurous.

Eating this took some strategy but it was worth it. 

Here is a slice of the things we have become accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.

Ninos plating

Street food and markets
Lots and lots of Pharmacies, this one sells generics.

Country dwellers coming into the city for supplies.

The square in the center of town with the church and markets.

AHHHHHHH! Clowns, they love clowns here. Whyyyyyyy!!

Roadside monuments from the most basic and simple to the full on elaborate.
An entire family, 4 up on a tiny motorbike.

Road dogs who are apparently immune to traffic.

OXXO and Clamato, so much Clamato.

And the one thing we did not want to see?  TARANTULAS!  They live here too and this is the first one that we have seen that wasn’t in a pet store or zoo.

Why did the tarantula cross the road? WHY?!?!

One of our favorite beach towns is Puerto Escondido which means “hidden port”.  It is a laid back surfer town made up of surfers, backpackers and locals families. Our $40 (USD) room had an ocean view and was barefoot walking distance from restaurants and shops.  If you are not a fan of the crowded touristic places then this is the place to go.

Grey Wolf looks so tiny here.

The only time that Matthew is barefoot is to walk across the street to the beach.

Puerto Angel

We would love to sit on the beach with our toes in the sand and sip on margaritas but there is a hurricane of historic proportions heading our way so we are heading to the Yucatan peninsula.

During our escape from hurricane Patricia we rode through the Eurus Wind Farm which is the largest wind farm in Latin America.  So windy!

Yucatan bound!


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