Monkeys, Macaws and Mayans.. Oh My!

Internet is a little hard to find around here.. But Just a short Tuk-Tuk ride outside the city of Copan Ruinas is a stunning Mayan archaeological site. It is one of the most beautiful and lively ruins of the Mayan region.
Tuk-tuk in action!

I have a long time obsession with having a small faced monkey, to keep me entertained and fetch things.

Really, look at that face!Who among you doesn’t want one!

If you happen to visit the Copan Ruins in the afternoon you will be graced with the presence of the macaws that live there and are more friendly in the afternoon.

They are no longer scared if us,

So, the Copan ruins are very  picturesque and scenic  yet impossible to capture with just our humble camera lens.

And now please enjoy our best photos from the Copan archaeological site and the amazing trees and scenery of this corner of Honduras.
Statue thing
Matthew for scale

They played a hard core version of basket-ball or head of your enemies-ball game here

Probably flesh eating.

Ta Ta for now..


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