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E.V.A. Stands for “Expedition Vehicle ready for Adventure” (EVRFA didn’t really spell anything so it’s just Eva). She is the tribes grandmother, their abuela, she takes care of them and keeps them close and safe. Inside Eva she has sleeping quarters for two children (the roadies) and two adults (the RockStars), there is storage for fresh fruits and vegetables so the tribe can eat healthy, a space for sanitation, she provides security and sanity. She provides a place to relax and to be a family no matter where or what it is like outside. She teaches the tribe about minimalism and materialism because living in her means living with less by necessity. Everything that we take into our lives has to fit into your tiny little shell. Eva is a mere 25 feet long inside (7.6 Meters).

Technically, EVA is a 1966 Airstream Overlander that Carmen and Matthew found her in a backyard in remote Alabama way back in 2016, they have been rehabbing her and shaking her systems out by traveling around the United States for a spell. EVA is finally ready for a truly grand adventure and now, complete with refrigeration and plumbing and enough solar powered energy for most day-to-day life.

While she was being driven through Mexico EVA suffered what should have been catastrophic structural damage had it occurred in the United States, after a few months in a Mexican auto garage with a team of mechanic’s, carpenters and plumbers, she is now back in operation and even better than before. Now the Tribe is ready and eager to continue all the way to the bottom of the America’s.

The destination is Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. Otherwise known as the bottom of the world.

From there.. Let’s see what happens.

She is damn sexy and she has her secrets. She was originally designed for leisure travel and is over 50 years old today. Now she has been completely gutted and outfitted to survive adventure off road travel and still look damn good doing it.

You can find out more about here.

Mid-demolition mayhem.

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