Honduras, Pure and Simple

As we wander through Central America we have begun to notice that these small countries are a little bit like states in the US. For example, Mexico reminds us of Texas (loud and proud);  Honduras seems to be a bit like Wyoming due to the beautiful landscape, lots of farmland, and general humility of the people.  
Here are some of our favorite photos of Honduras.
Street food is an amazing culinary experience no matter the consequence. 
Enjoying empanadas at the street market. YUM!
Ladies selling produce in the town square. 
Family in their Sunday best.
Copan locals walking to market.
Road side fruit stand.
Funeral procession outside a small town.

We have learned that in Central America fireworks are just a part of daily life and even more so during the many celebrations and holidays.
Why are you shooting off Fireworks.. Because it’s TODAY!

Fireworks stand!
Long barren road
Traffic in the mountains.
Truck full of green coffee going to market for sale.

As beautiful as the people and the country is there are still harsh realities of how impoverished this part of the world is.  Fairly often we see children begging, selling goods or entertaining drivers at red lights.   This young boy is resting while the light is green on a busy highway.

Street merchants literally in the street in Tegucigalpa, the capitol city. 
Add ‘Sanford and Sons’ theme song here

Every now and then we see something so familiar to us as Americans… truck nuts on a tuk-tuk.

I doubt he has wifi.

And now we leave you with these pictures of the morning fog rolling over the plush green hills in the Honduras country side.

Up next, Nicaragua!


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