Entomology in Mexico!!

We have traveled across Mexico from the Baja to the Yucatan and noticed a phenomenon that we have yet to see anywhere else.  Mexico is infested with BUGS!

Have you ever wonder what happened to all of the Volkswagen Beetles from the 60’s and 70’s?  I always assumed they were badly deteriorated sitting in junk yards waiting to be crushed but it turns out that they migrated to Mexico. We saw them every single day of our two month trip across the country and to our surprise the vast majority were still running. It quickly became my pet project to take as many bug pictures as possible but I could only catch a quarter of the ones we saw.

After taking over 600 photos of VW Beetles we realized that we were capturing not only hundreds of punch bugs but also the beauty and culture of everyday life in Mexico as seen in the randomness of the photos surrounding the beatles.

Below is just a small sampling of the collection.

Herbie the love bug!
Incredible Hulk bug!
Marlboro bug

Acapulco uses bugs for taxis and it is a little overwhelming.  At one point we were completely surrounded by them.  How many do you see in this picture?

Ocho bugs at once and that is not including the ones behind us!
Ready for off road!
Surfers loading their boards in Peurto Escondido.

A common occurrence in all of Mexico is cars with loud speakers blaring advertisements as they drive through the city so of course we saw some advertisement bugs too.

We rarely saw a bug in disrepair.
El Camino style.
Dune buggy!
Half bug half… mini cooper?
At the market in San Cristobal de la Casas. 
Blockbuster and Beetles, both nearly extinct in the US

After over two months in Mexico t’s time for us to move on (for now).

Up next, Belize!


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