Belize Zoo

Belize is a small country that attracts a large amount of ecotourism. You can snorkel or go scuba diving in the Blue Hole and at the Belize Barrier Reef.  On land there are many wildlife reserves and places to go kayaking and cave rafting.  Since we are  only in Belize for a few days we decided to check out the Belize Zoo because who doesn’t love to watch the animals take naps, right?

The 29 acre Belize Zoo is home to 45 species of native Belize animals that were once used for a documentary about tropical forest.  It is located in the tropical savanna that is quite literally in the middle of no and where.  BUG SPRAY is a must!

This Tapir doesn’t seem like much of a threat.
I had a staring competition with a toucan..
..and he won.

The howler monkeys can be heard throughout the zoo but don’t want to be seen.

Oh, there’s one!
This tree is full of howler monkeys, I promise.
More howlers.. somewhere up there.
A random Puma appears.
The majestic jaguar pacing the fence.
Jaguar pup relaxing in the shade. 

As we were leaving the zoo we found a local checking out the bike.

“Who’s a pretty bird?”
The Belize zoo isn’t the biggest and fanciest zoo but it is well worth the visit. They have put a lot of time and effort into educating the locals and visitors on the animals that call Belize home. 


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