Belize, An Oasis From Spanish

Belize is a Central American anomaly.  English is the primary language which was a refreshing break after spending over two months in Mexico. Spanish can be confusing especially if you don’t speak it.
See picture below for example. 

Each Central American Country has their own beer but the Belize beer, Belikin, is Matthew’s favorite. You can’t buy this beer anywhere else but inside Belize.

We stopped for a Belikin and the  bay view just five miles over the border.

The Chocolate Stout has a single coffee bean inside the bottle.

Belize is a small country with roughly the same population of Tampa, Florida. The architecture is much different than the concrete structures we are used to seeing in Mexico. The only way I can think to describe it is an old colonial style mixed with Mississippi back roads.

On Google maps a yellow line means a main road and usually of descent quality but in Belize it may also mean a rough dirt/clay road riddled with potholes that would swallow a VW Bug.

More Pothole than road, kind of hard to tell in the photo though.

We crossed paths with a team of leaf cutter ants doing their job and paying no mind to traffic.

Matthew for scale.
In Belize City the highway took us through the middle of the city cemetery. 
They even have graves in the median. 
Thanks Denny!

We arrived n the town of Orange Walk just in time to experience TACO FEST!  We decided to be  intestinal adventurers and check out the festivities.  They did not disappoint.

Singing ,dancing and enough speakers to deafen the masses. 
Local rap artist performing his hit song “I LOVE TACOS”

The tacos were only $1 for 4 and delicious. Oh, and we didn’t die.

Mystery meat tacos cause we couldn’t hear over the music.

Hungry? How about an OK restaurant or do you prefer an Excellent one?  Maybe you are the Sexy Chicken type?

The Belize demographic is made up of  Hispanic, Kriol,  Mayan, Asian and German Mennonites. If we had one word to describe the people of Belize it would be, happy.

German Mennonites out for a stroll.. 
and waiting at the bus stop.
Giant Beach Ball for some festivity
Coconut salesman
What will Pup do?!
Road side fruit stand

We are off to the Belize zoo!!


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