Baja Sur’s Big Gap

Baja California is made up of 2 states, Baja Norte (north) and Baja Sur (south).  In order to get to the tropical paradise areas of Baja Sur you have to drive through the Valle De Los Cirios Natural Protected Area  and because this is a protected area there are no gas stations for 225 miles.  Actually there isn’t much of anything at all but beautiful scenery and a curvy road. 
The “Gas Gap”
We have a reserve tank of gas on the bike for places like this. We have had to use it several times already and highly recommend adventure bikers do the same. 
Here is our 2 gallon tank.

Everyday we drive past at least a dozen of these roadside shrines. Some of them are simple and some are elaborate, but they are all fairly unique from each other.


A tropical depression hit the Baja and caused landslides and washed out roads. Good thing we have the bike for that, eh?

The beauty of the ride always makes the hard days worth it. We passed through several postcard worthy locations along the way.


One of our favorite stops was Loreto. It’s off season in this very laid back beach town so basically we had the place to ourselves.

Don’t see me!

In the tiny town of Ciudad Insugentes someone has taken the time to shape the shrubbery into rainbows and chickens.

Our final stop in the Baja was La Paz.  From here we will take an overnight ferry to the mainland so we have several days to relax and enjoy the beach.  We stayed on the Malecon (boardwalk) and enjoyed watching the locals and the many statues along the way.


Bearded lady with a conch?

The Black Pearl

The view from our $40 room.

Being a stranger in a strange land can be exhilarating. We walked through a peaceful demonstration on the malecon after dinner one night.

Watching Matthew get a $6 haircut while watching telenovelas is far more amusing than I thought it would be. 

On our last day we took the bike out for a ride to see one of the locals favorite playas (beaches). Sand is hard to ride on but totally worth it!

“I was only stuck once and only fell down once.. so that’s a win right?” -Matthew

On the ride back to La Paz we stopped to watch the Blood Moon Eclipse.

Bloody moon!

The Baja was not what we expected and some days the roads were rough and the food made us ill but we are so glad we did it.  Now it is time to hitch a ride on the ferry to Mazatlan!


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