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Meet the Tribe

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About the Tribe

It was early June in 2016 that this band of misfits sold, gave away, donated, and recycled everything they owned, jumped into a partially renovated 1966 Airstream and headed cross country on a mission to drive all the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina, the bottom of the world.

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Inside the Airstream

This is an all American Classic, one of the great original Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) made when man made things that lasted and when we first created comfortable motorized travel. She is our loving grandmother EVA, an 1966 Airstream Overlander that was salvaged and painstakingly restored by Matthew and Carmen over the course of 3+ years. This travel trailer has been ruggedized for offroad long term expedition and survivability. She is more Mad Max and less showroom finish.

Learn more about what secrets she holds here and get a undercover tour of her inner lair here.

Airstream - Same Tribe Different Vibe

Tribe shop

Every tribe has their tools, find out what some of our favorites are here. These are useful things that we have tried and tested, broken, replaced, and bought again. Things we use everyday because we have so little space and can only have one so it needs to work right the first time.

Find out how to schedule an event with us or invite us to speak at yours, also our free online course show up here and we may even sell some stuff.

Airstream - Same Tribe Different Vibe


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